Mountain Miscreants


As one of the branches of the Colorado arm of the Red Fork Empire, the Mountain Miscreants enjoy a rather unique position.  They have declared and maintain autonomy from the Empire, and have diverged from it's roots in theater for a more physically demanding type of existence.  Preferring to make their imagination reality, they have endeavored to make the distinction between the fantastical or fictional and real a very hazy boundary.  Despite their autonomy they still share the Red Fork Empire's vision of uninhibited creativity and accomplishment, the Miscreants have taken a turn for the bizarre in that they have chosen to make their imagination reality, rather than role playing it out.  Their creations tend to be fully functional devices capable of incredible and show stopping power.  From throwing fireballs to shooting lightning, they have made reality match their vision of a present filled with mayhem.  With the advent of their vehicles, which some would call weaponized, they have set their sites of the vast stretches of the highway system of the continent.  Not content to limit themselves to the usual means of entertainment, they're willing to embrace danger for the sake of entertainment and have several interactive pyrotechnic and electrotechnic shows under the belt.  It's a bit of an inside joke that many local conventions now contain clauses against these elements in contests, as a means of keeping the escalation at bay.  From flaming lumber duels to clashes with riding crops to the always popular "BlasterBlasterBlaster" no one is safe should they decide to say they're bored within earshot of this group. 

The first evidence of the Miscreants' existence has been found in meteoric fragments found in concretions dating back to 2400 BCE.  Their exact whereabouts and aims were largely unknown until late 2008, when they began to establish Colorado's Front Range area as their home.  References to this band of revelers and marauders have been found in literature from the ages, including prospective literature regarding many futures that could be. 



Denver, Colorado