KIng Arlie, co-founder of the Annex and MIscreants both is also one of the Trio of Terror and general instigator of terrible decision making.  Always one to take things to the next step he is known for making the amazing incredible and the merely odd, unique.  Never one to be under looked he has a gift for finding trouble and where none can be found, making it.  His yearly rocket pistol duels with the Cardinal to ring in the new year are not only explosive and eye catching, but hilariously filled with mishaps.

Currently exploring all the nation has to offer he is the resident gypsy, and spends little time in the Miscreants' home town.  Often found performing and entertaining across the nation at festivals and faires, his tales of derring do can fill the evening with revelry.  Known in some circles as the Pickle King, Nessie, or occasionally Whiskey Pete, his styling and unique sense of humor are like nothing else.



The Cardinal is one of the Co-Founders of the Mountain Miscreants as well as the Imperial Mountain Annex.  As one of the Trio of Terror, his exploits are known if not always with much detail.  The occasional bit of self immolation or electrocution have many bystanders wondering how he remains standing.  

As a chemist and physicist he serves as the Miscreants' personal pyrotechnician, often putting on displays to wow bystanders and only occasionally send them fleeing from toxic chemicals.  A person not known for his good sense or rational decision making, his projects often involve blurring the lines between imagination, nightmare and reality, much to the detriment of most folks' mental health.  

The Cardinal is best described as the moral center of the Miscreants. His design elements are often drab compared to many others, preferring functionality and comfort, as well as flame or electrical resistance to ostentation and detail.  As such, he often escapes first notice, at least until the screaming has begun.


Co-Founder of the Miscreants and long time member of Denver's artistic scene Hooligan is at the center of the group.  As one of the Trio of Terror, as well as a co-founder of the Annex, Hooligan has been around since the path to villainy began.  

His tattoo shop, Working Class Ink, is a staple hangout for the the Miscreants and both Tetanus and the Mini Mobile Murder Mansion are his pride and joys. His enterprise Working Class Industries keep the Miscreants well armed and equipped for any situation. His motorcycles have been a stylish staple calling back the lines of choppers from the 70's.  A jack of all trades, Hooligan can be found in the machine shop, laboratory or woodworking shop with equal frequency.   

His shenanigans are all but legendary, and while often told or retold, rarely captured on film.  His up and coming you tube series Kooking with Hooligan will be released later this year.


As one of the members of the Mountain Miscreants, Gage came on during the transition from Annex to Miscreant.  An irregular in the Imperial Mountain Annex, he's become one of the pillars of the Mountain Miscreants.  One to keep an eye on, his eye for unique styles and ability to make anything into something else are gifts not shared by many.  Often found somewhere between the influences of Hunter S Thompson and R. Lee Ermey, his penchant for shenanigans makes him a natural fit for the MIscreants.

Often found in the desert speeding across the wastes in his Iron Cross Buggy, he's just the kind of person to realize that it has no brakes only after he's hit 45 mph.  While dragging a hapless sap behind the thing.  By a rope.  With no release.   (No prospects were injured in the course of these events.  Much.) In fact, when it comes to one upping terrible ideas, he's often found going toe to toe with Hooligan and the Cardinal, and even King Arlie.  A major instigator in the July fireworks incident of 2014, he escaped mostly unscathed where others suffered burns to their faces, backs, chests and laps.  

Note; though all was repaired, Gage is still often teased for spot welding wrenches into the electrical systems of military vehicles.  


Resident sexpot and pretty face of the group, El Sexo, sometimes called the Iron Titan, is a bit of a beanpole standing a full 6'8" tall.  A figurative mountain of muscle, he draws crowds from all over, mostly wanting him to either lift heavy things, wear less clothes or most often, both. Not above a little showboating and attention getting flexing for the right reasons more often than not those who are drawn in by his flagrant displays of virility are chased off by the rest of the Miscreants ill mannered amusement at their expense.  

Nearly completely unable to say no in a social setting El Sexo tends to depend on the rest of the Miscreants to help in "politely" dissuading those who are unable to take his demure declinations.  Needless to say, what might be a polite discussion explaining El Sexo's ambivalence quickly becomes a rude, rowdy and often borderline offensive experience.  In addition to photobombing impromptu selfies with the least possible flattering content, vandalizing autograph books, and even encouraging stalkers to engage in hilariously self deprecating behaviors, the Miscreants occasionally engage in a little baiting of their own. The group has entertained themselves by posting personal ads on El Sexo's behalf, or encouraging event wide bounties for those attracted to get his number, even going so far as offering him into a meat market for a night. Speaking of which, if you'd like to book him for an evening of heavy lifting and moderate exertion, please, feel free to use our contact page.

At the same time, El Sexo has quickly become one of the group and is frequently at or near the heart of the mayhem, having been lit on fire more than once, volunteering for the Cardinal's experiments, having flaming 2x4's broken over his back and ass, and even being a centerpiece for one of the more epic riding crop duels seen west of the Mississippi.  



Mouse is a newer member of the Mountain Miscreants, and citizen of the Red Fork Empire.  He's been a mercenary under the flag of the Annex before acceptance to the rest of the Red Fork Empire, known for being all over the place but still useful in the final result. Often a charmer, scoundrel, the peaceful one.  In addition to this he is a member of the Dogs of War, a Mad Max replica group, and is known for his portayal of Luke, the blue mowhawked biker.  

Occasionall called a goofy-ass motherfucker, his facebook page is a source of endless entertainment.