Tetanus is the ultimate in kitbashed and peicemealed cars.  Sporting the lifted frame of a pickup, the body of a '65 Rambler Ambassador, and the engine from a Chevelle it has a bit of everything for everyone.  With expanded sheet metal grills over the windows for additional safety and a square bar cage for the body to reinforce the rooftop turret Tetanus is easily adaptable to any situation.  


The Cardinal's Crutch

The Cardinal's Crutch began life as a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic.  In a stroke of luck the Cardinal was able to rescue it from a nearby dealership, in somewhat questionable shape.  In addition to prying pewter fairies and dragons off the motorcycle a little redecoration was in order to follow the Miscreant's stylistic sense.  The results speak for themselves, as did the ride to Wasteland V.  


Maurauding Mini Mobile Murder Mansion 

The Maurauding Mini Mobile Murder Mansion is the transport of choice for most inter-state trips taken by the Miscreants. Beginning life as a '72 Camper Special pickup truck it now sports after market extras including expended sheet metal grille, mule deer skull hood ornament, home-built camper with 130 sq ft of floor space, queen sized bed, two couches, hard wood floors, cedar plank ceilings and in-wall airconditioning.  This ride has been a camp staple at Wasteland Weekend and is both comfortable in the extreme and functional. The steel sheet siding on the exterior reflects even the most obnoxious desert heat, and the upgrded suspension make for a relatively smooth drive.  Unless the Cardinal is driving, never trust him to drive.


The only "true" replica vehicle of the Miscreant's fleet, the Iron Cross Buggy is a recreation of the buggy shown in the movie Mad Max: Road Warrior as driven by the skags.  The second pride and joy of Gage, it's seen it's fair share of adventure, and was featured heavily by the Dogs of War, a Mad Max replica group.  A popular vehicle at the Mad Max Marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse-Littleton, it's becoming a widely recognized feature.